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Signature Topics

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Black Pain :

Racial Trauma + Mental Health
  • The importance of recognizing the pervasiveness of racism and racial trauma within the Black community

  • How racism manifests within common mental health disorders

  • The necessity of employing anti-racist practices/policies

  • Coping strategies to manage effects of racial trauma

INside The

Pearly Gates:

My HBCU Experience
Attending Spelman College
  • The importance of HBCU education

  • My undergrad experience at Spelman College

  • Strategies for success and expectations preparing for college

This topic covers:
This topic covers:

Prison of Perfectionism :

How to Break Free from Anxiety
  • How and why perfectionism shows up within our lives

  • My personal experience of anxiety manifesting into perfectionism

  • How perfectionism can be healthy and unhealthy

  • Strategies to manage perfectionism

This topic covers:

shoulding all over yourself: 

Managing Expectations of Self
  • Why we create expectations

  • Differences between healthy and unhealthy expectations of self

  • My personal experience of creating limiting expectations of myself

  • How our expectations can lead to negative beliefs about our capabilities

  • How to manage our expectations

This topic covers:

The art of mindful RElationships :

Developing Connected Interactions
  • The importance of empathy and understanding within our relationships

  • Common barriers to building connections within relationships

  • The benefits of developing connected relationships

  • Strategies to create connected interactions

This topic covers:


Workshop Facilitator


Virtual consultation session following Speaker Request Form Submission


What the Eye Doesn't See
Teen Dating Violence

This 90 minute interactive workshop is geared towards high school aged students to discuss, educate and identify teen dating violence.

By conducting this workshop, participants will:

  • Develop further understanding of teen dating violence

  • Gain knowledge regarding assessment measures and intervention strategies 

  • Safety planning resources to assist in intervention.

it's okay to

not be okay :

Black Girls + Mental Health

This 90 minute psychoeducational workshop can be adapted for multiple audiences including Black girls aged 13-18, professionals and parents.

By conducting this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn and identify the cultural considerations and treatment of Black girls

  • Gain knowledge of symptomatology of common mental health diagnoses and identify treatment resources.

No quick Fixes :

Unpacking Racial Implicit Bias in Social Work Practice

This workshop will explore implicit biases, microaggressions and unconscious stereotypes in order to highlight the impact that such practices have on the social worker and client relationship. 

By conducting this workshop, participants will:

  • Increase awareness of racially biased practices

  • Recognize their positions within the power and privilege dynamic

  • Learn additional mindful practices that will enhance their capacity for empathy, quality of care and level of understanding regarding how people of color react and adapt to the systems around them.

When We SEE US:

In this 90 minute workshop, I combine research, history and my professional knowledge and experience to execute a strength-based workshop centered around affirming Black teen girls.

By conducting this workshop, participants will have:

  • An empowered sense of self

  • actualized belief in their capabilities

  • Affirmation that they matter in a world that often-times minimizes their self-worth. 

Affirming Black Girls'
Worth + Identities

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photos provided by:

The Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls: 

& Girls Conference, October 2019

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